Due to Extenuating Circumstances

Adventures in Unplanned Parenthood

And many more

Our son turned one. We didn’t meet him (or even know about him) until Dec. 22nd. Like many adoptive families we will celebrate Gotcha Day privately, but my parents hosted a birthday dinner for family and friends.

The cashier who saw me buying birthday cupcakes asked if they were for me. I mentioned it was Baby’s 1st birthday and he replied “You must be a lot more comfortable than you were a year ago right now!” I told him the truth, which was my husband and I were watching a British TV mystery and I felt no discomfort whatsoever.  For those of you concerned about the pain of childbirth I wholeheartedly suggest you let someone else go through it. If you’re an adoptive mom yearning for the actual experience of labor and delivery just walk around your house with a robe on backwards so your ass hangs out while you moan as though you’re dying of terminal constipation. See if that curbs your cravings.

Yes, only 365 days ago our Extenuating Circumstance was born. He threw us head first into the realm of baby gear, snotsuckers, feetie pajamas, formula burps, diaper gussets, childproofing, colic screaming and cereal puffs. There will never be enough words for how much I love this goofy, grinning, crying, screaming, cooing, farting, gurgling boy. He made a mess of my house and my heart. Here is my wonderful and silly son, in all his glory. He is the definition of the gift that keeps on giving.

First Birthday


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One thought on “And many more

  1. Susan Helms on said:

    And being a boy, there will always be a mess. Gotta love ’em!


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